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Kashan Rugs & Tabriz Rugs French Accents is a manufacturer and designer of the finest hand-made rugs and tapestries. French Accents is the leader in the rug and tapestry trade.

Based in New York, we have traveled all over the world in search of the highest quality wool and dye to create only the finest quality, craftsmanship, and impeccable detail found in each of our masterpieces.

As avid collectors of important antiques and decorative arts, precise expertise goes into each classic reproduction, never compromising the true texture and design that is found within a classic European or Tabriz Carpet.

Although some French carpets designers were inspired by superb palaces, other artists started out to create a décor in accordance with the aesthetic precepts which designers of the Savonnerie and Aubusson carpets were developing at the same time. These latter designers were naturally following the development of historic national events, and in this way three centuries of French history are closely and consistently reflected in three centuries of history of art.

What to look for when choosing an area rug
Choosing an area rug depends on many factors. If you are looking for the perfect rug, you need to consider the size of the room as well as the furnitures. There are no standards for choosing a rug. A simple guide might almost give you an idea of how best to decorate your room with a rug.

The correct pattern of rug which will be perfect for your room is as important as the size of the rug that you choose. There needs to be a perfect balancing act from the elements of the room between color, texture and pattern.

It is always nice if you concentrate the design of your room to revolve around the flooring. Knowing how the room is going to be used can help determine a type or sometimes color of rug. A room that has heavy trafic will do well with a dark colered pattern rug that will hide the dust.

A very big dining room might require a rug that covers the whole area of the room while a dining room that is just big enough to fit the table and chairs may be quite aesthetic with a rug that is just big enough to cover the size of the table and the chairs leaving a little bit of space between the borders.

Some other general things to take into consideration when choosing an area rug include; the proper type of rug pad depending on the flooring of the room where the rug is going to be placed. If you do not choose the proper type of rug pad, the floor can be damaged easily. The correct type of rug pad will also help keep your rug in place. The rug pad can also help absorb impact of the body, noise and make vacuum easier.

If you perfer an area rug with fringes, extra care must be taken when vacuuming. Fringes can be long or short depending on your preferences. You should take into consideration the edges of the rugs.

Area rugs come in many different shapes. The shape also depends on your preferences but the room where the rug is going to be placed can play a big role on the shape. Area rug can be square, rectangle, oval or circle.

If the room is oval, the area rug of course should be of the same shape and the size will depend on the furnitures in the room. A consideration for instance for a king size bedroom is to have the rug extend 18” past the edge of the bed.

Of course decorating is a personal preference and the style of the decor a personal choice. When choosing an area rug whatever your personal preference if the context of the room can blend in color, texture and pattern the effect that will be obtain almost certainly will give the room an aesthetic that will render it nice and beautiful to the naked eye.

The rug style, color and shape should be defined with the room furniture, color as well as the purpose for which the room is going to be used.

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